New Nothobranchius Profiles at Béla Nagy’s Website


Béla Nagy has added some more Nothobranchius species profiles at his website. It’s one of the best Nothobranchius-dedicated websites available today. Lots of amazing photographs taken by the author and some other ones like Ruud Wildekamp and Brian Watters. The recently added profiles are: Nothobranchius fasciatus, Nothobranchius kirki, Nothobranchius rubroreticulatus and Nothobranchius torgashevi. In total there are currently 75 recognized valid species in this genus.

Nothobranchius is a genus of small, freshwater annual fish. The species are mainly found in East Africa from Sudan to northern South Africa, but half a dozen species are found in the upper Congo River Basin and N. rubroreticulatus is from west-central Africa. The greatest species richness is in Tanzania. Many species have very small distributions. Nothobranchius are typical annual killifish, part of the order Cyprinodontiformes. They inhabit ephemeral pools filled during the monsoon season, being adapted to the alteration of dry and wet seasons. Nothobranchius show extreme life-history adaptations: embryos survive by entering diapause, within eggs that have a very hard chorion and are resistant to desiccation and hypoxia. When the habitats dry up, the adult fish die and the eggs survive encased in the clay during the dry season.


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